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luxurious interior designs, top 10 decor element to create luxurious interior

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

There are many people love the luxurious interior designs and ask me how to create luxurious interior decor so i provide top 10 decor element to create luxurious interior decor 2014 with luxury furniture and luxury accessories
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We have many albums of luxurious interior designs at International decor site, it's have a great popular in the online decor sites, for example i suggest some links for luxury furniture and luxurious interior decor ideas:

Today i mention for luxurious interior decor with top 10 element to create luxurious interior decor and luxurious interior designs ideas

Interior - a reflection of our ego, our moods and emotions. Pleasant atmosphere in the house pleasing to the eye and can significantly improve the general atmosphere, adding comfort. But properly designed interior depressing - to the extent that the person does not want to return to native land. In connection with this approach to the arrangement of the house should be the most careful consideration. It is better if the tone and style of design will gently-easy: so they will not have to "push". In this case, it is appropriate to bring to the interior of the elements of luxury. The following items you can easily implement even the most boring design - he will play immediately in a new way to make you feel like a resident of the beautiful castle 

Curtains in luxurious interior decor

Luxury curtains give your interior a chic elegance. For the hall and bedroom curtains, you can choose the volume of slightly shiny material, or mother of pearl. To cope with the challenge of creating a chic help maroon, turquoise, brown and, of course, golden hues.

luxury curtain designs, curtains ideas for luxurious interior

Valance and canopy bed in luxurious interior

Valance on the bed is able to transform any room into a fabulous space in the eastern style of "1000 and 1 night." It will create the appearance of your bed closed for privacy and add comfort. The canopy can be transparent or a rich dark fabric. 

luxury canopy bed curtain, decor element for luxurious interior
valance and canopy bed for luxurious interior designs

Chandelier in luxurious interior decor

Chandelier - volume, gold or silver plated, decorated with interesting shades and expensive decorative elements - is important not only as a device for lighting: Also, it will make your interior incredible, magnificent! It is quite possible to make room accent, but it certainly should be in harmony with the general concept of the latter.

luxury chandelier for luxurious interior designs elements
luxury chandelier, decor elements to create luxurious interior

Paintings, tapestries, photos for luxurious interior

Paintings, tapestries, photo - a great way to transform the interior design. Perfectly suited paintings in the spirit of the Renaissance reproductions of famous works of famous artists and black-and-white photographs in the "retro" with the image of urban landscapes or portraits of famous film stars.

luxury paintings, decor element to create luxurious interior
luxury paintings, decor element to create luxurious interior

High windows in luxurious interiors designs

High windows, ideally - from the ceiling to the floor - the best solution for the hall or living room, which adds premises of French elegance.

high windows for luxurious interior decor ideas

Mirrors frames in luxurious interior decor

This required (especially for us women) object like a mirror - an essential element of luxury. Oval mirrors in gilt frames fishnet will be a great addition hallway, living room and even the bathroom.

luxury mirror frames for luxurious interior decor

Comfortable chairs and armchairs in luxurious interior

When choosing a chair and seat, if you are pursuing a goal to create a luxurious and stylish interior, it is necessary to give preference to expensive wood, gold leaf, the soft tissues of pure tones and exquisite pens. 

luxury chairs, armchairs for luxurious interior decor
luxury furniture, dining room for luxurious interior decor

luxury Cushions for luxurious interior decor

A set of decorative pillows - it's cozy, soft and elegant. For each room you can find a unique stylistic decision. For example, a child will fit cushions with pictures of animals (rabbit, squirrel, etc.), and for the bedroom and living room will be the way rich silks, velvet, interesting patterns and fringe.

luxury cushions for luxurious interior decor
luxury cushions for luxurious interior decor

stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor element

If you live in a private home or apartment bunk, it can turn into a real staircase element of decor. It may be semi-circular, spiral, wooden, with unusual patterned railings. The original version - light staircase and stairs: it will refresh the interior.

iron stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor
wooden stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor

Fireplace in luxurious interior decor

Fireplace - is not only a symbol of warmth and comfort, but also a great element of luxury. Depending on the overall design of the interior, you can choose the appropriate option: for example, it may be a stone fireplace, giving the "medieval", or classic, with bars, moldings and columns or beautiful figures on the sides. Even when the window starts to rage blizzard, you have at home will be a luxurious comfort! 

fireplace ideas for luxurious interior decor
fireplace ideas for luxurious interior decor

best 10 ideas to create relaxation bedroom decor

For each person who love relaxation bedroom decor i provide some of best ideas to create relaxation bedroom decor, relaxation bedroom decor ideas, it's for each one who ask how to create relaxation bedroom decor ideas 2014

Relaxation bedroom - relaxation bedroom decor - relaxation bedroom decor ideas - relaxation decor - relaxation interior - relaxation interior bedroom - relaxation interior decor - best ideas to create relaxation bedroom decor - relaxation bedroom designs ideas - relaxation bedrooms

At the International Decor site you can see all ideas for bedroom decor and bedroom decorating ideas with stylish and unique designs 2014, for example :
And there are a lot of bedroom decor catalogs and bedroom styles for all tastes you can get it when you browsing our site.
Today we take about latest and best ideas to create relaxation bedroom decor for interior designs.

relaxation bedroom decor, designs ideas 2014
Bedroom - a place for rest and relaxation, where we spend at least a third of life. If you live with your loved ones, this room is not just for sleeping, but also for a pleasant joint pastime. Therefore, the situation there has to be special: Adjusts to relax, but at the same time, not without a spark. Create the perfect atmosphere will help you some ideas scorched decor that you can easily repeat itself, creating your personal relaxation area just unique.

best ideas to create relaxation bedroom decor

Canopy bed curtains or grid for relaxation bedroom

Canopy, mesh, blind or canopy over the bed will add to the atmosphere of your bedroom plaque medieval and make her look like a royal boudoir. In addition, these things added to the interior of intimacy and mystery: after all, you can always hide behind a veil of fabric. You can buy ready-made canopy, or do it yourself, it can be transparent or tightly woven, white or bright - choose what to liking. The main thing is to form a canopy evoked by you only pleasant emotions: after all, this is probably the first thing you see upon waking.

canopy bed curtain for relaxation bedroom decor ideas
canopy bed curtain for relaxation bedroom decor ideas

headboard in bed for relaxation bedroom decor

You can creatively decorate the headboard or wall above it. It can be pretty nifty lattice, weaving, paintings and photographs, as well as a variety of finishing materials. Based on your preferences and life feel free to add what you like, whether it be books, watches, and a huge anchor.

bedroom painting walls, relaxation bedroom decor ideas, black and white bedroom
bedroom painting walls, relaxation bedroom decor ideas, aquarium headboard

Painting walls in bedroom for relaxation decor

If you yourself or someone you know is able to draw, the decoration of your bedroom can be a whimsical drawings on the walls. Butterflies, flowers, various animals and natural elements, and any other options that you like, bring a touch of freshness to the interior light and mischief.

bedroom painting walls, relaxation bedroom decor ideas,red bedroom
bedroom painting walls, relaxation bedroom decor ideas,orange bedroom
bedroom painting walls, relaxation bedroom decor ideas,pink bedroom

Bedroom Paintings and color schemes relaxations

Bare walls in the bedroom - it's boring, faceless and uninteresting. So why not decorate them with pictures? When choosing a scene taking pictures look that landscapes are necessarily pleasant, and tunes in a positive way: sunrises, summer or spring landscapes, picturesque greenery, calm sea .... You can also use a variety of cute photos, if you have kids, then whose More photos can also be entrusted with the important mission of decorating your walls?

bedroom paintings, relaxation bedroom decor ideas
bedroom paintings, relaxation bedroom decor ideas
bedroom mural paintings, relaxation bedroom decor ideas

cozy pillows for relaxation bedroom decor

The pillows are not only making our sleep more comfortable and softer, they also decorate the interior, adding a cozy, home-like atmosphere and style. Put on your bed a few more soft and comfortable cushions that let it be than the original, the better. You can choose cushions in the form of a cheerful mordashek, small animals, or simply stylish silk model. Let these little details will be yet another manifestation of your personality.

cozy pillows for relaxation bedroom decor ideas
cozy pillows for relaxation bedroom decor ideas
cozy pillows for relaxation bedroom decor ideas

15 Trendy Japanese curtain designs ideas for windows 2014

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The largest catalog of fashionable and trendy Japanese curtains 2014 for interior windows and doors, all about Japanese curtain designs for all rooms, Modern Japanese curtains 2014

I provided one of album which named Top catalog of classic curtains, models and colors , This curtain album have many fashion curtain designs ideas and also like Japanese curtains .

Japanese curtains - very fashionable trend in the design of the windows. As with any fashion in interior design, it should be taken with caution. So for you today - a review of interiors, which are suitable Japanese curtains.
Japanese curtains - is a strip of cloth, stretched on the top and bottom rails. In Japanese there are no folds of curtains - in fact it screens of tissue covering the window from top to bottom.

trendy Japanese curtain red and black for interior door
Japanese curtains look very carefully, smoothly, and if, as in the photo on the right, picked up in a variety of colors, it's good "slim" box. They usually come in the lungs, unobtrusive colors and so well with modern designs.

classic Japanese curtain design ideas 2014
modern Japanese curtain in purple for interior door
fashionable Japanese curtain for living room
Curtains - this is a very important element of the interior , they make the final touch to the design of the room, creating an atmosphere and give a feeling of warmth and coziness. Unsuitable decorations for windows spoil the rest of the design. Those who keeps up with the times in all, you should pay attention to the very trendy and modern phenomenon -Japanese curtains , which combines the simplicity and elegance. Popularity Japanese curtains They are a design consisting of a translucent fabric panels that are mounted on a special ledge. The panels move the cursor in a cascade on the ledge, reminding sliding door wardrobes. Initially, these structures were not used for the windows. At home, Japanese curtains, in the Land of the Rising Sun, a long time did not have doors, and instead used sliding panels of different fabrics. That was enough for economically poor people, and to know could afford very expensive materials and unique designs. 

fashionable Japanese curtain for dining room
modern Japanese curtains designs 2014
trendy Japanese curtain red for interior windows
trendy Japanese curtains styles for bedroom
You can use this idea and now for interior doors in homes, offices and restaurants. Polarity Japanese curtains in Russia and Europe due to the fact that they combine several advantages. First, they are very practical: easy to use, besides collect less dust than the classical drapery. Secondly, this is something new, unusual, but still falls within the fashion trends: combine the simplicity and sophisticated style. Thirdly, such constructions can be varied experiment. possible to use plates of different sizes, respectively, in their structures can be a different number. Cornice can reach 6 meters Maximum number of panels - 9, the width of one panel - from 50 to 100 cm Choose your option to the basis of the overall design of the room, as well as paying attention to the material from which made ​​the curtains. A material that can be any. For thin transparent tissue is better to choose wide panel, and for dense - narrow. In one model, you can combine several textures. Another advantage of Japanese designs is that they provide a much wider field for experimentation with coloring than ordinary curtains. The panels may be either the same color or different. Popular floral motifs and other patterns, often used Japanese national flavor. Very true alternate-colored panels with panels with different patterns - is both stylish and discreet.

stripe Japanese curtain modern design 2014
modern Japanese curtain design for dining room interior
fashion Japanese curtain colors for living room 2014
trendy Japanese curtain red and white for doors

Best curtains decorating ideas, How decorate your curtain

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best curtains decorating ideas for interiors, if you want to know new ideas to decorate your curtain and for each one ask how decorate your curtain and your windows blinds, best curtains decorating ideas 2014, new ideas to decorate curtains with stylish curtain accessories 2014 for modern and luxury curtains

If you looking for unique curtains designs 2014 or unique curtain ideas you can visit the below links to see some of our curtain catalogs:

Today i provide 10 of the best curtains decorating ideas 2014 by your own hands to get stylish curtains with the best curtain accessories, brush, holders and more accessories for curtains 2014

Harmonious, beautifully designed window becomes the center of the interior of any room. No wonder they say that the windows - a "eyes of the house," they not only take up a significant portion of the wall, becoming an integral part of the interior, but also clearly visible from the street. It was so guests can create a picture of your house, not yet entered the apartment - to appreciate the style and design of housing can be just by looking at the window.

purple curtain, best curtains decorating ideas 2014
Leave the window "naked", that is without curtains, drapes or even Roman blinds - then leave the interior design of the room unfinished. And the blinds, despite their undeniable functionality, are too cold, office option that can make even a well-furnished uncomfortable spalny. any case, even if out of your windows offer a magnificent view of the sea or the mountains, without the elegant curtains "beauty" and reliable protection from the hot sun can not do.

Window dressing - an art in which you will be able to show their talent of the designer and show good taste. In addition, a huge selection of fabrics and trimmings so-called - lace, velvet, Cords - Allows the user to decorate curtains, making the window frame to the original masterpiece.

Here are some decorating ideas curtains that can be applied like old drapes and curtains, changing their appearance and gives the room a punch line, and the new ones. Of course, you can order ready-made "clothing" for the window in the studio, however, if you're handy with a needle and thread, like to experiment with the details and fabric - why not try to do decor curtains yourself!

luxurious and lush oriental curtain
Agree amazingly beautiful version of windows framing - luxurious and lush oriental. Of course, such heavy drapes are not fit into every interior

Best curtains decorating ideas - side tassels

Just hanging vertical blinds or curtains - it is boring, say designers and suggest the use of side tassels, tools that help dissolve and attach the curtains to the side of the window or wall.

These bindings can look just as you like - from a vintage metal hook to a ring or an elegant wrought-iron details. Pick up the curtain and secure as possible in the upper part and in the middle or even below. Where exactly arrange pickup, and where a wall or window mount to position the curtains - it's right for you. Before drilling the wall, try a few options, just putting the fabric - so you can clearly see the effect of the new decor.

best curtains decorating ideas 2014
Pinned to the wall is decorated with a curtain is not just a window, but a substantial part of the room. This option is suitable decor and a variety of interior design styles - from strict classical to rustic country , you only need to choose the suitable fabric

stylish curtain holder 2014, orange curtain fabric
Massive side pickup has become the main decorative accent on a smooth wall, painted in a neutral color. By the way, the color of the metal does not necessarily have to be combined with a touch of curtains - maybe it would be better to play on the contrast

curtain holder, stylish curtain accessories 2014
In this case, the holder is even more massive, but at the same time stylish, contrasting with the delicate net curtains fabric

Best curtains decorating ideas - hand and twisted cords

To give the elegant shape of the heavy drapes and window decorate unusual, immediately visible parts, designers are advised to use twisted cords and tassels. These trimmings are usually different enough large size and become the main detail window decoration. Remember that large brushes should not be much - just enough of one or two to create a bright decorative accent in the right place.

Choose cords and tassels can be not only in the color of the curtains - usually braid made from threads of several colors, so that the cord with colorful brush will serve as a link for the entire multi-colored textiles in your custom ensemble. By the way, pick up a cord with a pair of brushes may be unusual not only the curtains on the sides, but the middle of the pelmet, attaching it to the eaves.

Another important point - pick up the cords with tassels should only heavy drapes and curtains, to make better use of fine fabrics decorative pins. And by the way, to decorate curtains so incredibly easy, no effort is required, enough to buy a nice cord or brush and experiment by placing it on your curtain.

cords and brushes to pick curtains
The French company Houles known as a manufacturer of great Bason, in particular, cords and brushes to pick curtains. This rich decoration will make your curtains into a masterpiece of design art

purple curtain design ideas 2014
In this case, the twisted cord with two large brushes used unconventionally in a pick-up, and as elegant decoration pelmets

big brush in a small window frame
One such massive brush is enough to brighten the heavy curtain. Try to break the canons and use a big brush in a small window frame - the effect can be surprisingly successful

Best curtains decorating ideas - fringe

Option for those who love finery windows. However, the fringe can be any: monochrome and colorful, consisting of pom-poms and tassels of the same or different lengths, twisted and straight - to pick up option for your particular curtains will not be difficult.

Color fringing can overlap with a touch of curtains can harmony - a compound of beige and gold, for example, is already considered a classic, but you can also play on the contrast, choosing a bright fringe to a neutral shade.

Of course, have to spend time and effort to ensure that pristrochit fringe to the bottom of the curtains or valances, but the result is worth it - even old curtains get the original look and will sparkle with new colors.

The classic version of fringe running along the entire side of the heavy curtains. Small brush lays in tissue

yellow curtain plated design
Elegant fringe became the final piece of decor curtains, passing on the edge of the pelmet and giving simple, classic curtains special charm

best curtain decorating ideas - a band

Another fairly simple and not too expensive way to decorate curtains - a band that can pass through the side or bottom of the curtains, decorate the center, focusing on the combination of two types of tissue, and to transform the place of the curtain with a cornice.

Curtain tape is considered an indispensable part to drape the top of the curtains. With it you can create folds and adjust the distance between them.

If the tape is chosen for finishing bottom of Roman shades or short curtains in the kitchen or in the bedroom, be sure to see how it will look in the lumen of the Bason, and carefully choose the form that emphasize border curtains and make it more expressive.

huge selection of lace confused for curtain
Existing today will make a huge selection of lace confused even experienced designer. Pick a few options in mind - then stop for one or use all at once, why not! However, going for the tape for curtains, to take with you to the store a piece of cloth to put in place and to evaluate the combination of colors and textures

Best curtains decorating ideas - beads, coins, pompons

In addition to the usual fringe and tassels of the strands, the edge of the curtains is quite possible to decorate all kinds of beads, decorative coins and beads. Yes, sew it all on the edge of the curtain is not that easy and takes a lot of time, but this ornament will look especially cheerful and bright.

Weightless, transparent beads on organza curtain will make even more suitable for air and light fabrics, but the pom-poms from threads are heavier curtains and suited more for drape, thick textiles.

Beads are a natural extension of braid. Such transparent droplets are able to make a more light and airy even fairly dense shade

stylish curtain accessories 2014
Decorative coins and simply brilliant circles on the edge of the curtains will give her some oriental look, adding a touch of the exotic

Best curtains decorating ideas - change pelmet

Pelmet - a French word meaning a kind of drapery, decorative top of the window opening. Most often pelmet - a separate part of the curtain that is easy to change without replacing all the curtains entirely. Correctly matched beautifully draping the top of the window opening can dramatically change the look of the curtains, to become the main highlight of the ensemble.

Drape pelmet can be decorated with braid or fringe, pick fabric, which will be different from the main curtain, but in harmony with it. Folds usually just stitch, which facilitates the process of washing and pelmets can then easily hang it on the spot.

Drapery may be single, but the combination of two or even three different in texture and shade fabrics gives a stunningly beautiful effect. Of course, such a pelmet is a more lush and is not suitable for every style of interior.

brown and pink curtain design
Brown and pink fabric perfectly combined with each other and unusual cuts and the soft folds of the pelmet gives the room a special charm

Best curtains decorating ideas - additional cornice

Usually curtains hanging on a single ledge, which often has two rails - for light curtains and heavy drapes. It seems that another ledge just do not need, however, why not put on the main mount another one that will fulfill a decorative function and will decorate the curtain pelmet unusual.

Use another cornice of the same size as the core is not necessary, it is better to choose the mount for doorways, shorter. The fabric hanging with beautiful folds of the upper cornice further, turn the window opening into a masterpiece of design art.

short curtain for doorway, pink curtain
Short curtain for the doorway allowed to create unusual pelmet with lush drapery. The folds can stitch, but deliberately thrown carelessly strip of cloth will also look original

Best curtains decorating ideas - bows

Once again, an option for those who like quite artsy and the magnificent curtains, but bows can look extremely cute and become the center of the composition decoration window opening.

Bow can be created from satin ribbon - this is a classic version of this jewelry, as well as other types of tissue. As in the case of the braid, the choice is limited only by the imagination owners.

One large bow can be a wonderful decoration pelmets, denoting the center of draperies. Bows can also be a nice mount for curtains, decorate folds, ruffles, or the edge of the curtains.

Bright red bow has become the center of the bilayer composition. In addition, it performs an important function, and - used to mount folds of curtains

stylish kitchen shade ideas
Cute bows made of satin ribbon became the chief ornament of this simple light curtains in the kitchen

This linen curtain will look great in the interior of a International Decor or country. A simple satin ribbon bows matched in tone are not just a decoration, but also garters that hold the curtains

Best curtain decorating ideas: the flowers from tissue

If satin ribbon can easily make a beautiful bow, then the curtains and net curtains fabrics are obtained amazingly beautiful, lush flowers, from which you can make a whole bunch.

Manufacturing technology of colors can not be called simple and easy - and you will need the ability to work with patterns and painstaking work with a needle and thread. However, the result is a uniquely beautiful flowers, which will be an original and bright decoration curtains.

Remember, heavy curtains for decoration and flower better be made of a thick fabric. But for light curtains and bouquet should be in the same plane - of tulle or organza.
flower curtain accessories
Gentle, incredibly beautiful flower of many petals,  of fine fabrics can be sewn into the center or on the edges of the pelmet curtains

stylish curtain accessories
A whole bunch of delicate roses was beautiful garter for heavy drapes. Shade matched perfectly, and the flowers themselves completely replaced the coiled cord with a brush

Strip of cloths curtain decorating ideas:

If the curtain or drape plain and boring look, you can not change the curtains entirely, and "dilute" the plain ensemble strip of cloth with bright ornaments or large drawings. For example, if the window is decorated with beige curtains, you can pick up a strip of fabric in brown cage, stitch and sew to the top, or to put on the bottom edge (you can combine both).

Choice of colors and patterns is huge, so space for creativity wide open. Overview remember that the fabric strips and new main curtains should be approximately the same density and texture. Although the designers believe that, for example, silk and synthetics are perfectly combined with each other, so you can make an experiment and attach to the heavy satin drape a light, airy fabric or lace - get a very unusual and beautiful.

The strip can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Of colored bands can create a real rainbow - the cheerful and bright, but it is surely not an option fits into every interior.

yellow curtain with shade light style
The dark band at the top and bottom edge of the light curtain looks very stylish and elegant

Japanese curtain for kitchen, flower shade
Very often decorated with strips of fabric roman blinds and Japanese, which is understandable - pristrochit fabric on a flat canvas, namely the so-both options seem a lot easier. And the fabric will require less

Underestimate the impact of decorating the window opening to the interior of the room did not. It is very noticeable and most of the rooms, and well-lit. So whatever your experiment with decor curtains and drapes will be immediately appreciated by the guests and make the interior more interesting.